kjhs Volume. 3, Issue 2 (2023)


Obeagu, E.I., Obeagu, G.U. & Aja, P.M.


Breast cancer Hematocrit Disease monitoring Biomarkers Oncology Hematological parameters Cancer dynamics

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Beyond Blood Counts: Hematocrit Dynamics in Breast Cancer Monitoring

Abstract: This review delves into the expanding role of hematocrit dynamics as a critical parameter in the monitoring and management of breast cancer. Moving beyond conventional reliance on blood counts, the analysis explores the intricate relationship between hematocrit fluctuations and various facets of breast cancer progression, treatment response, and overall patient outcomes. The review aims to elucidate the potential of hematocrit as a dynamic biomarker, offering insights into the underlying physiological changes associated with the disease. By examining the correlation between hematocrit levels and different stages of breast cancer, treatment modalities, and patient-specific factors, this review seeks to enhance the current understanding of hematocrit's prognostic and predictive value. Additionally, it explores the implications of hematocrit dynamics on therapeutic strategies, emphasizing the need for personalized approaches in breast cancer care. The synthesis of available evidence in this review underscores the significance of considering hematocrit as a valuable and dynamic parameter in breast cancer monitoring. The integration of hematocrit dynamics into clinical practice has the potential to refine diagnostic and prognostic frameworks, contributing to a more comprehensive and personalized approach to breast cancer management. In conclusion, this review provides a critical examination of the evolving landscape beyond blood counts, highlighting the emerging importance of hematocrit dynamics in enhancing our understanding and management of breast cancer.